Detective Conan character profile: Who is Shuichi Akai?


The Men in Black’s greatest enemy gets his own two-part special

Shuichi Akai, one of the most popular recurring characters in the Detective Conan series, is an FBI agent who once infiltrated into the ranks of the mysterious Men in Black — the main antagonists in the series.

Since he was outed as a spy for the FBI, Akai’s trail on the syndicate has gone cold. But when one of the Men in Black agents falls into FBI custody, Akai teams up with Conan to come up with a plan to take down their common enemy once and for all. But is Akai doing all this for the FBI? Or is his motivations fueled by something more….personal?

An extremely calm and composed individual,  Akai’s intellect and deduction skills are said to rival that of the series’ main protagonist, Conan Edogawa. Unlike Conan, however, Shuichi Akai is not fond of sharing his plans and movements ahead of time, preferring to keep things to himself. He does this to ensure that events do not stray from his predictions.

Apart from being an expert sleuth, he is also an elite sniper who is able to hit a target with pinpoint accuracy from a distance of 700 yards (approximately 640 meters) — even if the target is held in between the grasp of two fingers.

Due to these traits and abilities, Shuichi Akai is often referred to as a “Silver Bullet” among Men in Black members — a threat who may one day take down the syndicate.


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