[Press Release] The Story of LKY’ hits Singapore bookstores May 25


‘The Story of LKY’ hits Singapore bookstores May 25

Two-part comic book series aims to introduce Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy to a younger generation of Singaporeans.

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(Left) Volume 1 – Lee Kuan Yew: Growing Up /  (Right) Volume 2 – Lee Kuan Yew: Road to Independence

Singapore, May 25, 2017 – Singapore book publisher Shogakukan Asia has launched today The Story of LKY, a new two-part biographical comic book series that pays tribute to the life and work of Singapore’s founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Presented in an easy-to-read comic book format, The Story of LKY aims to engage students and educate them on a facet of Singapore history they may yet to be familiar with.

As the comic books tell Mr Lee’s story not only with words but also with lively illustrations, the format allows readers of all ages to quickly grasp and understand the key events that played a part in Singapore’s road to independence, making the books ideal for educational purposes.

Volume 1 (Lee Kuan Yew: Growing Up) covers scenes from Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s early years and life in college, as well as his experiences during World War II that would eventually shape his ideals for an independent Singapore.

Volume 2 (Lee Kuan Yew: Road to Independence), on the other hand, portrays a renewed Mr Lee who returns home to Singapore after completing his studies in England. The book covers the 1952 post office strike, the People’s Action Party’s formation in 1954, and other events Mr Lee experienced that led to Singapore’s merger with Malaysia and, eventually, separation.

The book is written by author Yoshio Nabeta and illustrated by manga artist Toshiki Takii. Both Japanese creators were present in Singapore on May 25 to attend a book launch event at The Pod, National Library in the afternoon.

Earlier in the morning, Mr Nabeta and Mr Takii also attended two assembly talks at Boon Lay Garden Primary School and Fuhua Primary School, where they shared with the students their creation process behind the books, as well as the reasons behind why they aspired to be a book author and manga (comic book) artist, respectively.

“Recently we feel that kids are spending more time on the Internet, and less time on reading. But manga has the power to encourage children to cultivate a reading habit, as it is an attractive and easy-to-read medium,” said Mr Bunsho Kajiya, Managing Director of Shogakukan Asia.

“We would like to strongly recommend this series of books to students and their parents in Singapore,” he added.

The Story of LKY is the second series of biographical comic books on Mr Lee Kuan Yew that Shogakukan Asia has launched.

Last year in October, the publisher also released The LKY Story – Lee Kuan Yew: The Man Who Shaped a Nation, a single-volume biographical graphic novel that was also written by Mr Nabeta but features a different art style illustrated by manga artist Yoshihide Fujiwara.

The LKY Story was featured in Kinokuniya’s bestsellers list for comic books and graphic novels, and more recently was also nominated as a finalist for “Book of the Year” at the Singapore Book Awards 2017, organised by the Singapore Book Publishers Association.

A free preview of both volumes of The Story of LKY is available at https://shogakukan.asia/the-story-of-lky-1 and https://shogakukan.asia/the-story-of-lky-2.

A preview of the 2016 graphic novel The LKY Story is also available at https://shogakukan.asia/The-LKY-Story.

The Story of LKY is available now at all major Singapore bookstores.


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