Shogakukan Asia at CharaExpo 2017


Shogakukan Asia is taking part in CharaExpo 2017, happening on September 9 and 10
at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 404-406!

Swing by the Shogakukan Asia booth at CharaExpo (booth no. C04) and check out
our selection of books and Pokémon goods!

New titles premiering at CharaExpo include Mr Kiasu and Future Card Buddyfight Dark Game Chronicles #2!

We will also be taking pre-orders for BanG Dream! #2 and Pokemon Let’s Compare Omnibus.
Pre-order them and be among the first in Singapore to receive the books — mailed to your doorstep!

Check out all the other details on our exciting CharaExpo 2017 promotions below.



Mr Kiasu

Mr-Kiasu-Book-Cover-BIG johnny-lau-pic
Mr Kiasu: Everything Also Like Real Mr Kiasu creator Johnny Lau
QB HOUSE vouchers
(To be won at Mr Kiasu stage event)


After an 18-year hiatus, Mr Kiasu is finally back!

Mr Kiasu: Everything Also Like Real launches in Singapore bookstores this weekend,
and CharaExpo attendees will be able to pick their copies up by simply walking over to the Shogakukan Asia booth!

What’s more, Mr Kiasu creator Johnny Lau will be making an appearance at the CharaExpo Mini Stage on Sunday
from 1.15pm to 2pm to talk about the new book, as well as do a drawing demonstration and sign autographs.
During the stage event we will also be picking out 10 winners to receive haircut vouchers from QB HOUSE,
a supporter of the Mr Kiasu project.

Attendees who purchase the new Mr Kiasu comic book from Shogakukan Asia’s booth at CharaExpo will receive
a priority ticket (limited to 30 pax) to get their book signed by the author.



The Legendary Hero is Dead!

Hero-6-BIG(B) CharaExpo-legendary-poster
 The Legendary Hero is Dead! #6  Event-exclusive A3 poster


Purchase any volume of The Legendary Hero is Dead! (vol. 1 to 6 available) to receive an event-exclusive A3 poster!

The A3 poster features special artwork of the main characters!
If you’re a fan of the series, don’t miss out your opportunity to add this exclusive poster to your collection!



Megane ∞ Collection / Megane Sensei + Kiss

 Event-exclusive A3 poster


Megakore5_wp_big(B)  megane-sensei-big(B)
 Megane ∞ Collection #5  Megane Sensei + Kiss


Purchase any volume of Megane ∞ Collection (Vol. 1 to 5 available) or Megane Sensei + Kiss
to receive an event-exclusive A3 poster! Featuring special artwork from author Shin Kawamaru!



Detective Conan

Detective Conan totebag



dc-charaexpo-00 dc-charaexpo-01  dc-charaexpo-02
Detective Conan
Men in Black vs. FBI
Detective Conan
Shuichi Akai Special Collection #2
Detective Conan
Kaito Kid Special Collection #2


Receive a free Detective Conan totebag with purchase of any 3 Detective Conan titles from Shogakukan Asia’s booth!

If you’ve yet to pick up Detective Conan Shuichi Akai Special Collection or Detective Conan Kaito Kid Special Collection,
why not grab them at CharaExpo — at our discounted event prices — and take them home together in this handy totebag? 




Other featured titles

And that’s not all! Check out more of our other titles on sale at the Shogakukan Asia booth (No. C04) at CharaExpo 2017!

All titles listed here are on offer at special event prices!

BuddyFight-9-BIG dark-game-chronicles-2 bangdream thumb big
Future Card Buddyfight
Vol. 1 – 9
Future Card Buddyfight
Dark Game Chronicles Vol. 1 – 2
BanG Dream!
Vol. 1


Pokemon-XY-#5---00-cover-BIG PKM-ORAS-2-BIG PKM-Volcanion---00-cover-BIG
Pokémon Adventures XY
Vol. 1 – 5
Pokémon Adventures
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Vol. 1 – 2
Pokémon the Movie:
Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel


 Pokemon Kyurem PKM-DIANCIE-BIG Pokemon Genesect
Pokémon the Movie:
Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice
Pokémon the Movie:
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
Pokémon the Movie:
Genesect and the Legend Awakened


pkm-adv-52-big Pokemon Omnibus lky-wp-big
Pokémon Adventures
Vol. 52
Pokémon XY Omnibus
Kalos Region
The LKY Story


LKY-Kids-1-BIG LKY-Kids-2-BIG Beyblade-#2---00-BIG
The Story of LKY
Lee Kuan Yew: Growing Up
The Story of LKY
Lee Kuan Yew: Road to Independence
Beyblade Burst
Vol. 1 – 2