[Press Release] Mr. Kiasu Volume 10 and SupeRich launch at STGCC




Mr. Kiasu Volume 10 and SupeRich launch at STGCC

MR. KIASU © 2018 Johnny Lau/SHOGAKUKAN Asia

SupeRich © 2018 Johnny Lau/SHOGAKUKAN Asia 

Singapore, Sep 3, 2018 –  Shogakukan Asia announced today that it will be launching Volume 10 of Mr. Kiasu – Mr. Kiasu: Everything Also First Class and SupeRich (read as “Super Rich”), two of Mr Johnny Lau’s latest English comics at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2018.

Following the successful launch of Mr. Kiasu Volume 9 in September 2017, the recent June release of Mr. Kiasu Volumes 1 to 8 and the Children’s Top 10 Bestseller Mr. Kiasu Collection (Box set), Shogakukan Asia worked together with Mr Johnny Lau to publish volume 10 of the original Mr. Kiasu comic. Encouraging feedback from fans like Mr. Soh, 33 who shared that he is “Looking forward to volume 10!!” and Ms. Lee, 38 who exclaimed “More Mr. Kiasu please!” spurred Mr Johnny Lau who specially visited Japan to create a story with pin-point precision for Mr. Kiasu: Everything Also First Class.

Apart from Mr. Kiasu, Mr Johnny Lau has expressed that he “always wanted to make a comic about kids and superheros” and “to write a story about money.” This was

what motivated him to create SupeRich, a superhero story about a rich boy who learns that there are many things in life that cannot be solved with just money alone. The comic also features “money talk” with investing guru Jim Rogers.

Both Mr. Kiasu: Everything Also First Class and SupeRich are printed in 128-page full-colour comic books and priced at $13.80 (inclusive of GST). They will be launched exclusively at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention(STGCC) 2018 on the 8 & 9 September and fans can get their books autographed by Mr Johnny, who will be conducting a fan-signing event at Action City booth on 2pm for both days.

Mr. Kiasu Volume 10 and SupeRich will thereafter be available to the general public at Popular, Kinokuniya, MPH, Action City & TOG from 15 September onwards.

About Mr Johnny Lau

Mr Lau studied architecture at the University of Southern California, USA. After graduation, he returned to Singapore and created the Mr. Kiasu comics series. The comic books and characters were then adapted to a radio show, a music album, a stage musical and eventually a TV series. Mr Lau also worked with McDonald’s Singapore to launch the Kiasu Burger here, which sold more than 600,000 burgers within the first 4 weeks.

Besides Mr. Kiasu, Mr Lau has produced and published close to 50 comics books in collaboration with some 30 fellow artists, making him one of the most published comic book artists in Singapore. He has also collaborated with comic book artists from 12 countries in Asia and Europe, for a comics anthology that has been distributed in 36 countries.

About Shogakukan Asia Pte Ltd

Shogakukan Asia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shogakukan Inc in Japan, which was first established on 8 August 1922 as a publishing house that specialises in educational magazines for elementary school children and teachers in Japan.

Since its establishment in September 2013, Shogakukan Asia has published over 130 manga titles and 20 children’s educational titles. Its best-selling manga titles include  Pokémon, Detective ConanDoraemonFuture Card Buddyfight and The LKY Story.

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