[Press Release]Investing in Future Generations: Investment Expert & Author Jim Rogers imparts his financial wisdoms to young readers in local comic book SupeRich



Investing in Future Generations: Investment Expert & Author Jim Rogers imparts his financial wisdom to young readers in local comic book SupeRich

                                                                       SupeRich © 2018 Johnny Lau/SHOGAKUKAN Asia 

Singapore, Oct 29, 2018 – Jim Rogers, successful international investor and author is no stranger to the adult financial world, having written and published top-selling investment books such as A Bull in China, Street SmartsHot Commodities and A Gift to My Children, in which he has shared many of his valuable insights and tips on money, trade and investment. His latest endeavour to impart this knowledge extends to a fresh, younger demographic with the new comic SupeRich, created by Mr Johnny Lau, renowned local comic author of Mr Kiasu in collaboration with publisher Shogakukan Asia.

SupeRich is a superhero story which revolves around Golda, an ordinary (but very rich) boy who attends an academy for students with superpowers. In trying to fit in with his classmates, Golda falls back on his misguided views about money to achieve his aims, but soon learns that money is not always the solution. The central theme of the comic revolves around money, a subject which Mr Rogers passionately advocates is essential for a child’s education in order for them to become a successful adult.

In the comic, Rogers appears as a caricature of himself, providing simple-to-understand advice and tips about money matters while ‘interacting’ with the comic’s main protagonist. Using a fun and entertaining medium that appeals to children, the publisher hopes that sound financial advice can be passed on directly to children as they read and learn about money matters through this exchange. Also included in the comic is an interview with Mr Rogers, which he shares his anecdotes as a father of two kids and how he raises his children to become money savvy as they navigate through a challenging new economy that includes cryptocurrencies and electronic money.

To coincide with the comic’s release, Shogakukan Asia will be hosting Mr Jim Rogers and the creators of SupeRich in a “Special Appearance” session at Kinokuniya, Takashimaya S.C. on 3 Nov, 4pm – 5pm).  Mr Rogers will be giving a short talk about money, followed by a comic book signing session with Mr Rogers, SupeRich’s creator Mr Johnny Lau and artist Mr Rick Chen. Registration is required.

The full-coloured comic retails at $13.80 (inclusive of GST) and is available at major leading bookstores Popular, Kinokuniya, MPH & Times.

About Jim Rogers

Investment Expert and Author


Adventurer, author and successful international investor, Rogers has been featured in Time, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal amongst other distinguished media. He co-founded the Quantum Fund before turning thirty and retired at age thirty-seven, and served as a professor at Columbia University’s business school. Rogers holds three Guinness Book of World Records, including motorcycling over 160,000 kilometres across six continents. His adventures, insights and investment wisdom have been chronicled in his memoirs and books such as A Bull in China, Street Smarts, Hot Commodities and his latest work, A Gift to My Children, which was recently revised in Chinese. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife and two children.

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