Pokémon Run Carnival 2018 at Marina Barrage (Singapore)


Back by popular demand, Pokémon Run Carnival 2018 returns to Singapore this Saturday (Jan 27, 2pm – 9pm).
And this time, it’s more than just a fun run — there are plenty of activities planned for Pokémon fans!

Entry to the event’s carnival site (not inclusive of run participation) is FREE!
Even if you’re not participating in the run, there’s plenty to do here.
For more information about Pokémon Run Carnival 2018, check out the updates
on the official Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pokemonrunasia/

And while you’re there, do drop by the Merchandise tent and get your hands on
our selection of the latest Pokémon plush toys and books at the Shogakukan Asia booth!

Here are some of the items that will be available from the Shogakukan Asia booth inside the Merchandise tent:

Pokémon toys on sale at the event (CASH AND NETS ONLY)

…And more! Drop by our booth to see what else we have in stock!

Pokémon book titles on sale at the event (CASH AND NETS ONLY)

Lets Find Pokemon (image) Pokemon Omnibus PKM-LC-Big
Popular with younger kids!
Let’s find Pokémon BW
Pokémon XY Omnibus Kalos Region
Pokémon Let’s Compare! Omnibus

PKM-Volcanion---00-cover-BIG  PKM-ORAS-2-BIG  PKM-XY-6-big
Pokémon the Movie:
Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Pokémon Adventures
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Vol. 1 – 2
Pokémon Adventures XY

Vol. 1 – 6


Pokémon the Movie:
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction