Beyblade Burst #2 lucky draw promotion (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines)

Beyblade Burst #2 is finally out in bookstores!

In this exciting new volume, our protagonist Valt Aoi finally goes head-to-head against the genius Beyblader Shu Kurenai, in the district tournament finals! Also, Valt’s Valtryek Beyblade evolves into… Victory Valtryek!

How does a Beyblade evolve, you ask? Well… you’ll just have to read and find out!

Click on the book covers below for more info and a FREE preview of Beyblade Burst #1 and #2!

BB-big Beyblade-#2---00-BIG
Beyblade Burst #1


Beyblade Burst #2

Beyblade Burst #2 lucky draw promotion details

What’s more, readers in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines* will stand a chance to win a Beyblade Burst B-38 Entry Set toy bundle with each purchase of the Beyblade Burst #2 manga!

The Beyblade Burst B-38 Entry Set comprises: an exclusive Blue String Launcher, a Victory Valkyrie Beyblade (limited colour edition), and a White Bey Stadium

*For readers in Philippines, please enquire with your local Fully Booked store staff on how to participate in the lucky draw.